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Order no. 21300

 Order no. 21300: 



Sore shoulders, tense neck? These unpleasant feelings will soon be a thing of the past with our Relax-Star. Precise relaxation, particularly good when used with massage oil.

  • Colours: transparent red, transparent blue
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Order no. 22200

 Order no. 22200: 

Stress Ball

Knead the stress away!

  • Diameter: 63 mm
  • Colours: yellow, magenta, blue, green
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Order no. 22300

 Order no. 22300: 

Squeezie Heart

The ideal stress reliever!

  • Size: 70 x 65 x 54 mm
  • Colour: red, magenta
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Order no. 22403

 Order no. 22403: 

Squeezie Beads

For use anywhere, anytime!

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  • Colour: blue
  • Size: 78 x 55 mm


Massage Balls

 Massage Balls: 

Massage Ball

Something small with a big effect. The massage with the massage ball pleasantly stimulates your relaxation. It reduces stress, activates the circulation, enhances the blood flow, activates the brain, loosens cramped muscles and massages the palm reflex zones.

Available in the following sizes and colours:


  • order no. 20800: 50mm; blue-transparent
  • order no. 20900: 63 mm; orange
  • order no. 21000: 78 mm;  yellow, red, blue and green
  • order nr. 21100: 92 mm; red
  • order no. 21200: 100mm; blue


Order no. 21011

 Order no. 21011: 

Massage Ball

with round embossing for your promotion!

  • massage ball 78 mm
  • round embossing  37 mm
  • special colours upon request


Order no. 21012

 Order no. 21012: 

Massage Ball

with rectangular embossing for your promotion!

  • massage ball 78 mm
  • embossing 23 mm x 8 mm
  • special colours upon request


Order no. 21013

 Order no. 21013: 

Massage Ball

with round printing area for your promotion!

  • ball 78 mm
  • printing area 37mm
  • special colours upon request


Order no. 20000

 Order no. 20000: 

Massage Ring

is a resilient, flexible ring with 8 rows of soft "Porcupine Needles". The ring is useful for hand exercise to squeeze, pull or twist.

Available in green, red, blue or yellow.


Order no. 22000

 Order no. 22000: 

Foot Rolls - Reflex zone massage made simple!

Our feet have to do all the work - they carry our full body weight, they are enourmously burdened and squeezed into tight shoes. Discover the healing power of a reflex zone therapy with our foot role.


Order no. 11082

 Order no. 11082: 

Knob Trainer

appropriate for wet exercise in the shower! Foot massage at its best.

480 mm