Stay fit - rings for games and sport!

Order no. 68500

 Order no. 68500: 

Foam Rubber Tennis Rings

Our foam rubber tennis rings can withstand any use they are put to at playtime, always bouncing back into their original shape.

  • Ø 160 mm
  • colours: yellow, red, blue, green
  • weight: 200 g


Order no. 37150 / Order no. 37200

 Order no. 37150 / Order no. 37200: 

Vinyl Diving Rings

Get diving with our dive rings. The colourful rings are always in need of rescue and are only too delighted when you get to them. The ideal companion for eater fun.

Available in red, green, yellow and blue and in two different weights:

  • order no. 37150: 150 g
  • order no. 37200: 200 g


Order nr. 20000

 Order nr. 20000: 

Porcupine Needle Ring

is a resilient, flexible ring with 8 rows of soft "Porcupine Needles". The ring is useful for hand exercise to squeeze, pull or twist.

Available in green, red, blue or yellow.