Pet Shop - Toys for our four-legged friends

Order no. 68000

 Order no. 68000: 

Foam rubber ball

It's not only us two-legged folk which can have fun with these products. Our four-legged friends also get great enjoyment out of our rubber balls.

  • 75 mm
  • colours: yellow, red


Order no. 67000

 Order no. 67000: 

Foam rubber ball

Wether for cats or dogs - fun, frolics and pleasure with Weidner products are a welcome diversion for Kitty and Rover!

  • 63 mm
  • colours: red, yellow, blue and green


Order no. 68500

 Order no. 68500: 

Foam rubber ring

Have fun together with your four-legged friend and our foam rubber ring.

  • 160 mm
  • Colours: red, yellow, blue and green
  • weight: 200 g


Order no. 61800

 Order no. 61800: 

Soft frisbees

Flexible frisbee made of natural rubber.

  • 180 mm
  • colours: yellow, red, blue