Pump it up - Balloons and accessories

Round Balloons

 Round Balloons: 

Take a deep breath. Your advertisement is perfectly placed on our round balloons. Simply exhale and your advertisement starts to grow.

Available in 3 different sizes:

  • 75/85 cm;  order no. 97500
  • 85/90 cm;  order no. 99000
  • 100/110 cm;  order no. 91100 

We also deliver giant ballons up to 1.60 m.

All prices for our ballons on request.


Balloon accessories

 Balloon accessories: 

There is also a range of accessories available. The owner can keep a good grip on his ballon with the plastik stick. How high does a gas-filled ballon fly and who will find it? Find out with the correspoding fly cards. Don't get your fingers when you usethe quick-action fastener and you won't be out of breath anymore with the piston pump.

  • plastic stick; order no. 99540
  • fly cards; order no. 99520
  • quick-action fastener; order no. 99560
  • piston pump; order no. 99570

All prices on request.